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Yoga as Kitchen Food?

October 26, 2011 | 2 min read
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Yoga and chocolate. Yoga and wine. Yoga and veganism. Yoga and raw food. It seems that yoga can be combined – and marketed for big bucks – with just about anything these days.

The American Meditation Institute is now presenting a “Kitchen Yoga: Food as Medicine” workshop with Leonard and Jenness Pelmutter, the founders and directors of the institute.While this workshop on mindful food preparation, meditation, yoga, nutrition, Ayur

veda and vegetarianism is probably as good a fit with the yogic lifestyle as any, I am curious as to how food and yoga have become so inextricably linked. While the doctrine of ahimsa or non-violence leads many yoga teachers to espouse vegetarianism, the yoga/food combo has grown wildly past this concept.

Is the yoga with something tasty workshop trend due mostly to our obsession with food? Is it a thoughtful way of taking yoga off the mat? Or is it just a marketing fad that will pass?

I’m also curious about the long-term impact these type of classes and workshops have – do most people take them for the fun of it or to change their eating habits?

I think I need to chew on this one some more.

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