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7 Tips To Stay Inspired In Your Personal Yoga Practice

June 1, 2017 | 4 min read

Whether you are just getting started or have been teaching for years your personal yoga practice is the most important thing in any yoga teacher’s life. While a personal practice is incredibly important, it is often the first thing that slips from every yoga teacher’s life.

A personal practice is incredibly important as it is where you maintain your base level of skills and connect to the reason you teach. Taking the time to yourself is useful for so many things and can help you become an excellent teacher.

Unfortunately, as teachers we often let our personal practice slip for any number of reasons. Whether you are experiencing an injury or are lacking in inspiration or motivation, it is vitally important that you keep up with your personal practice. As a teacher, we only have the ability to teach what we know, which means that we have to practice in order to be a better teacher.

Here are 7 tips to stay inspired in your personal yoga practice.

Go to Class

This may seem silly but attending class as a student can inspire you to try new things in your personal practice. Hearing how another teacher frames a position or a quote may inspire you to approach your personal practice from a new angle.

Dedicate Time Every day

You have the great fortune of being able to set your own schedule as a teacher. Aside from subbing a class or two, your weekly schedule is fairly set. When you have a dedicated time to practice scheduled every day you will be more likely to stick to it. Committing to your personal practice every day doesn’t mean that you have to complete a full practice, it simply allows you the space you need in your day to commit to your practice.

Get Uncomfortable

If you feel your personal practice is getting stale, push your comfort zone a bit. As a yoga teacher, you push your students to do things on their mat they may find impossible, so why not do the same for yourself. Try out that pose or series of postures that you have been struggling with.

Try A Non-Yoga Class

Go check out a different type of fitness class. Whether you go to Barre, boxing, or a HIIT class, you will find something that you can bring onto the mat. Moving your body in a new way will help liven up your practice. Moves found in other classes can be incorporated into your personal practice and the added strength you gain will help you pull off some trickier transitions.

Invest In Your Craft

Training is essential for a broad knowledge base. Attending Yoga training and workshops will give you the guidance and instruction you need to advance as a teacher. As you learn new skills, you will be able to incorporate them first into your personal practice and then into your classes.

Take Your Yoga Off The Mat

As a yoga teacher, it is all too common to repeat the same phrases, quotes and pieces of dharma. All of that is nothing if you don’t practice what you preach. Get out into the world and volunteer your time for a charity you are passionate about. You could also write gratitude letters to friends or family. These experiences will make you feel good and will have a positive impact on your personal practice.

Don’t Be Afraid To Just Meditate

Sometimes no matter how much you know you need to practice you just can’t. This is when the other limbs of yoga come in handy. Meditation can help you to not only calm your mind but to get to the root of your problems.

No matter how much time you have or how little you are inspired to hit your mat it is important to keep up your personal practice. Being a yoga teacher can be as draining as it is fulfilling, but a strong personal practice will keep you healthy and happy.

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